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My work as a doula  is  rooted in ancestral midwifery practices from South America; it uses Voice work to prepare the mother for labour and Massage and plants to ease discomfort and keep the mother in touch with her body. The doula as I see her, is a presence, an ongoing support that arises from the need of families to be cared for in a more personal, creative and loving way that teaches them to trust their bodies and their instincts so they can slowly acknowledge the parents they're beginning to be.

My services as a doula might include

  • Informative chat 

      Come meet me any time to explore your options   and the best way to support your process.


  • Workshops


  • Birth  and Postnatal care Workshop

  • (2 sessions of 2 hours) . £80 

  • Preparing for labour

  • What to expect

  • Pain management

  • Breathing and singing

  • Massage with your partner

  • Recommended positions

  • Baby's first days

  • Co-sleeping and baby wearing

  • Couple health

  • Pre and post natal support 

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Placenta planting directions (Free of charge with any other doula service)

  • Couple care​


  • Baby blessing circle 

  • Naming Ceremony

  • Placenta Planting

"Laura is the most wonderful doula. We did a workshop together before the birth which was incredibly useful and taught us how much we didn’t know! This gave us time to prepare all we needed. Laura gave me a lot of support when I was heavily pregnant & unsure whether labour had started, as well as when I went a long time overdue and did not want any intervention. 


When labour eventually started, Laura was there for all of us the whole way through. She came to the hospital with us at 3am. Laura helped with my pain management and enabled me to understand what was going on at each stage and how to cope with it. Laura was completely calm, kind and loving the whole way through. She did everything from managing the tens machine to speaking to the midwife to making tea and even clearing up my vomit! 


And then when our baby was born, Laura helped us to get the hang of breastfeeding quickly, which has been a real success. We would highly recommend working with Laura to ease and enhance your birthing experience."


Jen & Jamie, daughter Honor born in April 2018.

Email me for bookings or more info on these services

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