"Probably the best massage I've ever had. Laura is brilliant"   
- Duncan Arnold
"Laura´s massage is deeply nurturing and healing; she knows intuitively where to go and how to release blocked energy. After half a dozen sessions with her, I felt like I had a new body. She´s a lovely person who brings genuine care and respect to her work."
- Alex Gifford
Voice Work
"Laura is a very talented woman. Wise, experienced, nurturing, but also fun and creative with her work. I have attended some of her Sound Workshops, and also had many many wonderful massages, tarot readings, and interesting chats with her. I love her and would highly recommend for a truly magical treatment."
-Emma Conlon
"Sound is a powerful tool we don't use enough to our advantage and Laura's knowledge of the therapy behind it is impressive. She is a gifted healer, perceptive and caring"
- Lisa A.
"Really helpful and very novel for me personally but it's helped me relaxed and has also enhanced my world view and given me food for thought. Laura´s calm manner, methodical nature and positive demeanor really make the experience into a structured therapy session, which I feel has benefited me."
-Alana R
Pregnancy massage and prenatal doula work
I had terrible back pain during my pregnancy and tried everything from physiotherapy to yoga to osteopathy, but nothing helped until I had a pregnancy massage from Laura. It immediately felt better and I went to her regularly throughout my pregnancy to ease the pain and for a relaxing treat. When I was full term Laura also gave me an induction massage, and my waters broke two hours later! Laura is an absolute gem. Knowledgable, professional and has lots of fantastic advice for pregnancy, labour and beyond. I recommend her to everyone! 
- Hannah P.
A tarot session I had with Laura really helped me look at a time of great change in my life with courage. I was truly inspired and amazed by her insights and go back to her time and again for advice and energy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Laura Street

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