Massage and Sound Journey

In times of uncertainty, sing.
In times of distress, sing.
In times of sadness, sing.
But also sing as a celebration, sing as a prayer, sing as an act of gratitude.

Massage, music and sound work are strongly connected. I envision massage as a dance through which the body is danced into it's own melody, back into the rhythm of the universe, which remains recorded in our tissue along with all of our feelings and experiences. Through physical work and incorporating specific breathing techniques, this massage fosters deeper muscular and emotional release. The sound bath at the end of the session adds an extra level of relaxation to your experience, allowing the brain to drop into Altered States. This means that the brain is working at a similar frequency to the one achieved during deep meditative states, day dreaming or twilight state, helping us recover the sense of oneness, return to harmony and activate our self healing mechanisms. 


The massage and sound a cleanse, a lullaby,  and a wake up call. It's an acknowledgement of our body, a time to thank ourselves, to be with ourselves, to heal. 

Healing through our voice

The sound of our voice is our most primitive and fundamental tool to connect with each other, to manifest our emotions and to get in touch with the divine. Because it is so primal, it allows us to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves, even when they aren't evident to us, and to model them in a sort of primitive dialogue with our own souls.

The BAST method of Holistic Voice is a one-on-one therapy that incorporates a variety of passive and active techniques that can help us journey through our feelings, manifest the subconscious, unlock emotion and release tension and trauma by processing all resistances through the body itself.  This innovative technique combines vocal work, movement, breath-work and visualisation with a self reflective method called the 5R, and its based on the latest developments in sound cognition, music psychology and medical ethno-musicology.

In addition to the 1-2-1 sessions, Group Voice Therapy offers other alternatives that strengthen community bonds, give us joy and remind us that we are part of a whole.

If you want to read more about  Voice Healing click here

Created with by Laura Leongómez

Photography: Luis Gabriel Morales

Logo by Kate Cragoe Mayfield

Original Art work: Juan Sebastián París

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