What are integrated therapies?


m a Massage therapist, Holistic Voice Therapy practitioner, Moon Mother, facilitator, writer, singer and Doula.


My practice explores the path of massage and sound for physical, emotional and spiritual health. This approach combines massage therapy with sound, movement, vocal and breathing work that encourages relaxation and release of core believes that may be producing resistance at different levels. 


To support my work I sometimes bring in elements of tarot, ritual, archetypal psychology and ancestral medicine; tools that I have received on my own way to self discovery from many wonderful medicine women and men around the world.


Additionally, I offer care for families starting their fertility, pregnancy or parenting journey with the experience I've gathered on my 10 years accompanying these processes.

* You can see more about my training clicking on the links below. 

Why the white owl?

This work has been inspired by the mystery of the Barn Owl. She, who finds what she needs where others may see nothing.   Navigating alone, one ear to the earth one ear to the gods.  'Genius of the divine... a light in the dark and an invitation to it'

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