Midnight Mind Cleansing Lullaby

October 17, 2017


Three years or so have gone by

Buried longings are again calling my name

I'm bored and a bit anxious

My brain is spinning

I'm drowning in a sea of endless possibilities


I try to stop and feel

My head has a hard time sitting still.

I breathe

And yet,

I ponder.


So I write to string my thoughts

What do I want? I wonder.

It's hard to tell

As up to now, I've wandered


Always a dream to follow

A road to walk

An art to learn

A skill to master

A soul to fall in love with


But always before the thrill

This fog, this malaise, this ennui

Every time it gets a bit harder and a bit deeper and a bit longer


Should I give up on me, do as I am told and settle down?

Should I find a real job... and I don´t know

... save for a house?


-But a house is just so big and still and heavy-

I have always thought.

What good would a house be when your feet demand you walk.


I feel for all that once was wild:

the horses, the elephants, the birds...

Nothing saddens me more

than a wild thing in a cage


I crave the sand under my feet, the woods, the wind.

I want to see the trees grow tall

I want the sea to roar, the rain to fall.

I want to be the leaves that know when to let go.


I want to live and love and by doing so,

learn how to die

To be simple

To be free

To be kind

To be wise


I want to do the things I love

Don't want to learn to "monetize"

Fuck being an entrepreneur

You must create if you're alive


And that's it really

You breathe

You walk

You think

You make


You feel

You sing

You write

You learn


You give

You take

You sleep

You wake


You eat

You kiss

You love

You break


It is all so very simple

yet it seems so hard to do

It is now one in the morning

But I've cleared a thing or two.


All I'm certain of right now

Is this very wondrous thing:

If I have to go tomorrow

I want you

to come with me.


For I like the way you root me when the wind is pulling strongly

Roots and leaves comprise a tree

(now I feel I'm getting somewhere!)


All these images of forests are now mixing in my head

I will go to sleep for now

and I'll dream of skies and earth

And tomorrow if I need to I will do it all again

But when I just can't stop rhyming

It's because its time for bed








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