Words for times of quarantine

March 30, 2020

A few days ago I received a long set of messages from teacher and friend Ramiro Romero, midwife and traditional medic from the Muisca community and founder of the Mujeres Bachue and Huytaca, School for traditional midwives and doulas. The messages, received during this time of the equinox, are the result of spiritual consultation regarding the situation we're currently dealing with worldwide. With his permission, I offered to transcribe, summarise and translate some excerpts of this message so that it could reach many corners of the world. I did my best to stay true not only to the message but to how Ramiro is and talks. I hope you enjoy it.  


Image: Ramiro and I during last year's Europe tour. Photo courtesy of LushTums


People, people, friends! I say hello from the Muisca territory and from my home, my house,  which is built with brick, tiles and so on, just like any other house. I say thanks to the Mother, the Father and to the Spirit of the Territory. Especially I want to give thanks to the Great Mother, who is always so clever and spot on, and is today posing us some amazing questions so that we can reflect upon the paths we need to follow.  We meet today with the medicines of our territories and of all territories, to consult about the meaning of these times during this, the night of the Equinox; and we do so for those who are resting, those who are alive, and those who are yet to come.

I'm a midwife and traditional medic from the Muisca community, and I'm here tonight with you to light a fire and to consider how we can continue to weave ourselves together.




So here we are today, trying to find answers to some questions; Questions raised by the invisible world, the microscopic world. Tiny, invisible as it is, we feel its spirit breathing down our neck, whispering  closely into our ear: There's no  differences among you, it says, as you all have the heart in the same place! And mate.... Isn't that a beautiful thing to hear? This world comes to break our delusions. Those that talk of levels of  "awareness" (if that's even a thing), levels of distinction and separation among us. It is here to make us feel, not only that we're all in this together but also that indeed, and despite the space between us, we are just a part of nature. And isn't that something?! Whether or not we have money, position, or power; whether or not we have medicine, ayahuasca, sweat lodges, or whatever... It does not care for passports or borders, politics, religion or spirituality, levels of education, scientific background or schools of belief... Never mind who we are, what we have or what we do, this here brings a message for us all; for us, the human people... Because in case you haven't noticed guys, this is not affecting the animal people, the plant people, the stone people... No. It is posing this question directly to humanity. And that is exactly where we meet... in our humanity,  whilst realising that nature is beckoning us, asking us to please stay still so that we can find our movement. 


This story, my friends, is not something new... you wish! Earth has had to pose this sort of questions many times before,  to all creatures that have wanted to take control over her and others. For us, humans, this story started unfolding a long time ago, back in the day when we first took the sacredness, the Spirit, away from the earth and trusted it to men.  It started when we told ourselves that our kingdom was in heaven and that the access to that heaven was through pain. Those were the days of the first colonisation of the human mind, which took place in the name of greed and power; power that required control over the Earth, and therefore, control as well over the human kind. The present situation is then giving us the chance to look back upon those days. Look back to when we first wanted to dominate the Earth, to remove the Mother so that we could occupy her place. What we're experiencing now is just part of the path started back then. Our ancestors were the ankles of our story and we are their wrists. They walked the road that brought us here, and now we,  with our hands, must figure what to do with what we have been given.


So what shall we do then? How are we going to figure this out? How will we organise these thoughts in true honesty?


First we must remember that life is an art that requires improvisation on a daily basis. When we rejected this truth to domain uncertainty, to prioritise our comfort in the foolish endeavour to feel "always well" and always "in control", that's when we turned our backs to life, to the mother, to reality! Because mate, life cannot be without pain!  Life brings both the light of dawn and the darkness of dusk. The minute we refused this premise we started walking the path that brought us here. We gave up our self-management, our resilience, in a clumsy attempt to never feel fragile and unsafe again, and so replaced them with doubt and fear! We became blind to our very needs, to the truth of our bodies, and looked outside for someone else to lead the way. We allowed someone else's will into our homes; someone else's mind into our minds. This is why, my friends, we're being sent back into our homes now: So that we can learn how to inhabit them again! So that we learn how to be in ourselves in accordance to the size of our own truth..


About harmony, life and rest


So we've been sent home to take a break. Who hasn't felt  the need to really rest before? And what are we really doing when we give into this need? We are coming to terms with ourselves, being honest, stepping into our pleasure!  That's what the Earth is doing right now! She's resting, and she's doing so for our own flipping sake! She does it so that we too can better enjoy our time here, so that we too get the chance to remain.  And fuck me!  Isn't that a wonderful thing? Doesn't that make all the sense in the world?


Now of course... Rest is what it is. Rest invites Mother Death. And mother Death brings us either one of two things: One is the chance to feel alive; alive at last! to fully inhabit our body, our spirit and get in touch with ourselves in absolute pleasure, in absolute honesty; And the second is of course, the chance of total rest.


You know how we just love talking about things like "harmony", "balance", "peace" and all those things these days, right? Well my friends, let's get real: that's exactly what the Earth is bringing now. Balance for the present moment means to embrace the fact that we're too many and that we're also overstaying our welcome. It's facing the fact that it's time for many us to finally rest. That's the law of the Earth. That's the law of life. And it's good for us to say it loud and clear, to have the balls to name it! The fucked up thing though, I'll give you that, is that many of us will have to experience this within our families or in our very own bodies...   But hey, let's be honest! if we're so committed to this thing we call "balance" then we must understand this needs to be done. Otherwise we don't fully comprehend the meaning of what we so tamely call "harmony".


And so I cheer to this! Because we will finally imprint our path with real life, and ourselves with real pleasure!


About the true meaning of Quarantine


Now lets meet as midwives! Let's get down to nitty-gritty and speak the truth of our trade. It's getting exciting now so let's have a drink and a toke of tobacco for it! Cheers!


So listen up.. isn't it the most wonderful thing to hear the powerful of the world sending us all to quarantine? Imagine! 


What is quarantine? Which spirit, which being is the one that rules the quarantine? The governments of the world speak of 3 months, 2 weeks, 30 days, whatever, but still most of them insist on using the word quarantine.  Why?


Well  let us remember that a quarantine, in the proper sense of the word, is when for exactly 40 days and their nights we are asked to inhabit nothing but our home, nothing but our own body. And the spirit that rules the quarantine is that of the Placenta. When the placenta comes to light, and regardless of what we've decided to do with it, 40 suns and 40 moons pass above our crown before we get to fully become ourselves. Through these 40 days and nights, the placenta talks of what she's made during the long 40 weeks before: bones, skin, organs, hair and nails... I made a body for a spirit, she says, so that they can learn to live together and become whole and true.


And so these people, our governments, decide to send us all to quarantine... oh mate... and they don't have a fucking clue! I bet a ball and a tit they don't know the powers they're invoking, the spirit that is speaking through them! It is indeed the placenta, who's come to teach us what our body is really for! And they will not see this coming, they won't...  But after this universal postpartum, we will all at last be embodied, be honest, be whole! In the depth of our homes we will call upon our placentas to teach us our council, our history, our dance and our song! When this quarantine is over, we will be free to leave our houses but we'll never leave again or homes. Our minds will be again our own!

And then my friends... then may the rulers, the states and the institutions and all that is politically correct, hang on to their knickers!  Then may they stick their head between their knees and kiss their ass goodbye! For we will once and for all be ready to manifest our true selves! And it is us, made whole, who will mobilise this world!


Friends, we may not know yet what is to come, but know that through this time we're bound to find out, and when it's done, if we need to, we'll be ready to burn the world down! And we'll be ready because we will at last be in our power: The power to live and the power to die. Or are we gonna flake out?


So cheers to that mateys!  And may the sun come out! 





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