Womb Health / Massage for Women's health

Working with women is a huge part of my practice. As a woman I know that even though we've come a long way, there's still a lot of work to be done regarding the way in which we inhabit our own bodies -how we handle gynecological health, pregnancy and birth, sexual life, body image, etcetera-  how we build relationships and express our selves, and how we approach our spirituality.

A Woman's Health session puts all of my tools at work to support your healing process. These tools may include massage, womb blessing, sound work, tarot, ancestral medicine etc. 

Womb Blessing

The Womb Blessing is an energy technique Developed by Miranda Gray. This medicine  “...returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies”. You can receive the energy registering at the Free world wide Womb Blessing or receive a personal womb blessing from what Miranda has called Moon Mothers -"women who have taken the ‘Moon Mother initiation’ personally from Miranda Gray at a Womb Blessing Training Workshop. This raises them to the high vibrational level required for them to give the transformative Womb Blessing Attunement in person." 

This treatment is included in the Massage for Woman's Health

Workshops, Circles, Gatherings and Ceremonies

My workshops are a mix of Voice work, movement, mythology, alternative psychology and folk knowledge, designed to help women to get back in touch with their bodies, cycles, natural wisdom and freedom. I work on body appreciation, female archetypes, menstrual health and recovery of intuition. All workshops are listed on the News and Events page and posted through White Owl on Facebook. If you're interested on attending a workshop, ceremony or Women's Circle but can't attend any of the programmed events,  these activities can be designed and facilitated on demand especially for you. 


About my training

I started this journey seeking to heal my own body, to understand the true origin of illnesses, specifically those related to our reproductive and sexual life. Through different sorts of alternative practices I worked on my menstrual cycle and my sexuality and on the way discovered the importance of giving women back the power over their  own bodies, which encouraged me to learn about home remedies for regular gynecological issues. I studied to be a Doula with Doula Caribe and accompanied many families through their pregnancies and home births with Colombian midwives from which I learned  about medicinal plants, women's health and pregnancy support, but more importantly, about courage and what it takes to make things right by women in a world that too frequently ignores  their needs.

I've  been trained to facilitate workshops on female issues ranging from menstrual cycle to feminine archetypes by Despertando a tu Diosa Interior, an Argentinian initiative that combines holistic psychology with gender perspective. I've also trained with Miranda Gray to be a Moon Mother, to empower women through the  Womb Blessing and the Womb Healing medicine.

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